New Mexico Seat Belt Law: Understanding the Current Regulations

Seat belt usage is a crucial element of road safety enforced by law across the United States, and New Mexico is no exception. In New Mexico, the Seat Belt Law plays a significant role in safeguarding the lives of motorists and passengers by stipulating the requirements for proper restraint in vehicles. The law is comprehensive, covering various age groups and specific circumstances under which individuals must be secured in a vehicle.

The law mandates that all children up to their seventh birthday, irrespective of their weight, and children who weigh less than 60 pounds, regardless of age, must use a child safety seat. It is also required that children from ages seven to twelve use a booster seat until the standard seat belt can be properly fitted on them. For older children and adults, New Mexico asserts that every occupant in a vehicle must use a safety belt. This measure is further emphasized by New Mexico being a primary enforcement state, allowing law enforcement officers to issue citations to drivers and passengers solely for not wearing seat belts.

Understanding and adhering to these laws is not only a matter of legal compliance but also a vital practice for personal safety. In New Mexico, consequences for non-compliance with the safety belt statutes include fines and potential points against the driver’s license, underlining the state’s commitment to reducing road traffic casualties and promoting a culture of safety.

Basic Seat Belt Requirements

In New Mexico, the law mandates specific seat belt usage for drivers, passengers, and children to enhance safety on the roads. Compliance with these regulations is both a legal requirement and a critical safety measure.

Driver Obligations

Under New Mexico’s seat belt law, drivers are responsible for ensuring that they and all passengers within the vehicle are properly secured with seat belts. This is applicable to all motor vehicles equipped with safety belts.

Passenger Obligations

Every passenger is required to have their safety belt properly fastened at all times. New Mexico statutes emphasize that occupants in a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of ten thousand pounds or less must wear a seat belt securely.

Child Restraint Systems

Specific regulations exist for the safety of children in vehicles. Children up to their 7th birthday, regardless of weight, and those less than 60 pounds must use a suitable child safety seat. Those ages 7 to 12 are required to use a booster seat until the standard seat belt fits correctly.

Enforcement Policies


In New Mexico, seat belt laws are enforced through two distinct types of enforcement policies: primary and secondary enforcement. Understanding the differences between these policies is crucial when it comes to abiding by New Mexico’s traffic laws.

Primary Enforcement

Under primary enforcement, law enforcement officers have the authority to stop a vehicle and issue a ticket if they observe a seat belt violation. This is irrespective of whether another traffic violation has been committed. New Mexico’s seat belt law falls under this category, giving officers the ability to enforce seat belt use proactively. As noted by the Motor Vehicle Division NM, a vehicle can be stopped for not wearing a seat belt, and both drivers and passengers may receive citations.

Secondary Enforcement

Unlike primary enforcement, secondary enforcement allows officers to issue citations for seat belt violations only if the driver has been pulled over for a different, primary violation. This is not applicable in New Mexico as the state does not follow secondary enforcement policies for seat belt use.

Penalties and Fines

In New Mexico, the penalties for not adhering to seat belt laws are clearly defined. When an individual fails to wear a seat belt or does not use a proper child restraint device, they are subject to a fine and points added to their driver’s license.

For the first offense, drivers face a fine of $25 and are penalized with two points on their license. If subsequent infractions occur, they can expect both the fine and points to increase, potentially impacting insurance premiums and even leading to suspension or revocation of their driver’s license.

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division underscores the importance of using child safety seats. The state mandates that children up to their 7th birthday, regardless of weight, use a child safety seat. Also, children less than 60 pounds, regardless of age, must be secured in such a device. Children ages 7 to 12 must use a booster seat until the adult seat belt is suitable for their size.

Offense Penalty Points on License
First $25 fine 2
Second+ Increased fines Increased points

Non-compliance with these laws leads to immediate and future financial consequences, so New Mexico authorities encourage all vehicle occupants to adhere strictly to seat belt laws for safety and legal compliance.

Exemptions and Exceptions

In New Mexico, seat belt laws are enforced to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants; however, there are specific circumstances and individuals that are exempt from these regulations.

Medical Exemptions

Individuals with certain medical conditions may be exempt from wearing seat belts in New Mexico. These individuals must have a written statement from a licensed physician indicating the medical reason that prevents them from wearing a safety belt.

Vehicle Type Exceptions

Certain types of vehicles are also subject to exceptions under the New Mexico seat belt law. Occupants of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than ten thousand pounds, or certain vehicles like rural mail delivery vehicles while on duty, may not be required to wear safety belts as per state statutes.

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